Award Winning Warranty Solutions

We have teamed up with Autoguard Warranties Limited, they offer a range of warranty products for motor cars, motorcycles, caravans, motorhomes, vans and trucks. These products can also include mechanical breakdown insurance, roadside assistance and other administrative services for new and used vehicles.

Because modern vehicles represent a high technical standard and because the cost of replacing or repairing failed items has risen so much in the last decade, it is important for customers to have a warranty solution that meets their expectations.

We have you covered with our all mechanical and electrical component Premium product. We can also include Roadside Assistance UK recovery, this fully comprehensive cover offers protection for any eventuality, please ask us for more details if you would like this added.

A new approach to an old idea…

The supply of new and used car Extended Warranty has been around since the late 1980’s.

We feel that today’s market is looking out for a company to take service and support to the next level.

Autoguard is one of the leading warranty providers in the UK and across the world, by delivering a consistently high standard to our clients whilst dealing with claims in a firm but sympathetic manner.

The Autoguard App

The Autoguard App allows you to manage and monitor your Autoguard vehicle warranty.

The Autoguard App contains all the contact details to help give you total peace of mind.

Features include:

  • Roadside assistance & recovery hotline. If included with your contract.
  • Live visibility of your contract(s) and policies with Autoguard, including expiry notification
  • Claims hotline.
  • Customer Services hotline.
  • Map with your location and approved vehicle repair centres near you.
  • Exclusive discounts codes for vehicle MOT’s, services and more…
  • Useful customer guides and advice.
  • Useful web links associated with Autoguard Warranties.